To Be Or Not To Be….Perfect?

To be or not to be….perfect? Is there such a thing?

As I was doing my daily bible reading and writing in my journal, God really brought something to my attention that I didn’t even really notice I was bothering me so much. He showed me my handwriting. That’s right God called me out on my handwriting. But not in the way you are probably thinking. See as I was writing all I could think about was how my handwriting looked. That it was not up to “MY” standards. It was NOT perfect! And because it was not perfect, up to my standards, a seed of frustration was now planted in me and was starting to grow. Why would I let something so small as my handwriting cause such a ruckus?

But this happens on a daily basis. Such small imperfections causing big reactions when I am striving to be perfect for worldly things and people. To be perfect in my own eyes.
But God so lovingly reminded me this morning that I am made perfect in Him and do not need to strive for those other things. When I strive for perfection for others I will ALWAYS fail and failure brings nothing but frustration and anger. Even bitterness and resentment. So I have been challenged. Challenged to not strive to be perfect but to live perfect in the way God has made me.

I pray and ask God to highlight or shine a light on those moments daily. Those moments where I let perfection creep in and steal what God has already perfectly placed in my day. I don’t  want to miss out on the Godly moments because I am frustrated.

Do you struggle with perfection? Do you worry about what others think? How to live up to your standards? Well I pray the same for you. That God open your eyes and let you see, you are already made perfect in Him and do not need to strive for all those other things!

-God Bless-


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