Last But Not Least

Today my 2 daughters had their Well Child Checkups. My oldest is 10 so hers was pretty simple. And praise God she is growing and healthy. I remember her first Dr. appt. All was good till they brought out the shots. I wasn’t sure who was going to handle them better, her or I. Lets say there was a tie in the tears we shed. Hers due to pain and mine due to heartache. It broke my mommy heart to see her in pain like that. And I must admit, I wasn’t pleased with the MA at that moment either. Lol.

You would think that the more kiddos you have the easier it gets. Well actually it does get better. I don’t get angry feelings toward the MAs anymore 😉 But man that mommy heartache still gets me. Today as I watched them prick my youngest, I could feel the tears start to kick in and my heart start to ache. KoKo, by the way, did amazing! 3 shots that girl endured and barely made a squeal. So proud. So why after 3 kiddos do I still get that ache? That question plagued my mind the whole way home.

We feel that ache, worry, with each child because we love all our children the same. Just because you have a lot of kids doesn’t mean you love one less than the other. God has given us an unlimited amount of love. Different kinds of love, but unlimited non the less. See, He explains it rather clear in Genesis. God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created them; male and female He created them. Gen 1:27 NIV. So if we are created in His image, we are to be God like. And incase you didn’t know, GOD LOVES ALL HIS CHILDREN! Did you get that? HE LOVES ALL HIS CHILDREN! So we too, LOVE all our children the same.

Now just think about that for a minuet. As of right now there are 7.5 billion people living on Earth. And that of course changes by the second as more babies are born. That is a whole lot of kids! Do you think He loved Adam more than the baby born right now as I am writing this sentence? NO! He loves them the same. And His daddy heart aches when He sees us in pain and He rejoices when He sees us happy. Just keep that tucked away in your heart. That no matter what, you have a father who loves you so much! No matter how many kiddos He has. You may be the last, but you are certainly not the least in the eyes of God.

Indeed, the very hairs of your head are all numbered. Don’t be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows. Luke 12:7 NIV




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